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Tips On Selling

Tips to earn the most for your items

We buy and pay for items based on condition, style, inventory levels, age of item, season and what sells well in our store. Just bring your things in a storage bin, laundry basket or tote (avoid garbage bags),  we take 4 containers at a time, and we’ll have an offer ready as quickly as possible. Presentation is everything in resale. Review your items in sunlight or well-lit area.

Best days of the week to sell are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or later on Saturday because it's less crowded than the other days of the week.

Don't take it personally if we can't purchase something from you. In some cases, store inventory levels or location may affect whether or not your items are purchased. In others, the items may not be a good fit for Once Upon A Child. Doesn't mean the items wasn't a great buy for you.

To earn the most out of your items, please make sure your items are:

Clothing Tips

  • Clothing must be in excellent, like new condition, less than 3 years old, still current in style and freshly laundered.
  • Laid flat
  • Neatly organized – Pair 2 piece outfits together, especially for baby clothes (pants or shorts inside shirt)
  • In great condition - Be sure there are no rips or stains, and check for fading, broken zippers or missing buttons.
  • Free of odors, pet hair or pilling (pilling is the little balls that appear with certain fabrics).
  • Style still in current fashion – even “new with tag” items will be passed on if older than 3 yrs or not in current style.
  • We accept shoes as long as they are clean and have little to no wear in the heels, toes or scuff marks. Laces, ties and/or Velcro well intact.

Toy Tips

  • Clean toys
  • In good working condition
  • Collect all parts in a bag for each toy
  • Leave batteries in if you have them (if not, we’ll test toys with ours – it just takes a lot longer for you)

Equipment Tips

  • Clean thoroughly – the nicer it looks, the more you can earn
  • Launder when applicable
  • Bring instructions if you have them
  • Include all parts and pieces
  • We will check for safety recalls
    • Example - On an exersaucer a slight bit of fading on the pad at the top is ok, but ground up cookies or sticky applesause on the tray or toys is not 



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